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Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer Camp Stories-Weeks 2 and 3

Welcome to weeks 2 and 3!  These weeks are brought to you by, WTF did that kid just say?

My partner teacher for summer camp is pregnant, so the kids are very interested in that whole thing.
Student E:  Ms. I can hear your baby crying!
Teacher: stares blankly
Student E: (puts ear up to teacher's belly) He's crying!!!
Now I've never been pregnant, but I'm pretty sure you can't hear the baby crying while it is inside you.  Help me out here!

And apparently I look like someone who gets out a lot and finds good stuff.
Student L:  Mrs. Hutchens, my mom wanted me to ask you if you find a Moana costume to let us know.
Me: Ok
Student L: Or anything from Moana, please let us know.
Me:  Ok, I'm pretty sure you can just get anything Hawaiian.  Summer is a good time to find that kind of stuff.
Student L:  Well, it's for my sister's birthday.
Me:  Ummmmm...ok, I'll be on the look out!
PS...this is a student who doesn't even go to my home school so I'm not sure how I'm going to get her Moana stuff to her, but it's currently in my Amazon cart!

Everyday at recess, the kids played Cheetah Girls or Carowinds.  When they would play Cheetah girls they would do dance offs.  We even had a boy Cheetah Girl, but he called himself the security or the judge.  Here's the song.  It was more of a cheer when the kids would do it.   
Cause we are sisters. (Cause we are sisters)
We stick together. (We stick together)
We make up one big family (We make up one big family)
But we don't look the same (But we don't look the same)

When they would play Carowinds (which is an theme park), they would all pretend they were a big family (probably still a Cheetah Girls tie-in).  Kids were crawling around and "crying".  The "mom" would suddenly fall out and they would all panic.  One of the kids was a dog, named Buster.  (I didn't know they allowed dogs at Carowinds)  She would crawl around and bark and follow the other kids.

Yesterday was our last day and we watched Finding Nemo.  Now, they have ALL seen this movie, I'm sure multiple times. 
During the first scenes when Nemo's parents are discussing their future and the barracuda comes along, "Don't do it, Coral! He's going to eat you!"  
When Nemo is trying to disable the aquarium filter, "C'mon Nemo, you can do it!"  
"He's not going to do it."  
"Yes, he is!"  
Nemo is unsuccessful, "You see, I told her I couldn't do it!"

I keep telling myself that I'm going to start writing these things down and write a book called "Sh$t Kids Say!"  That or moonlight at a comedy bar.  My material writes itself! 

These almost 2nd graders were a lot of fun to teach and hang out with for 3 weeks.  I am definitely ready for a few days off to reset.  Then I get to start fresh with a new batch of 3rd graders!  I've got some changes coming to my classroom in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

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