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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Project Day 1 = epic fail!

Ok, so I haven’t posted in FOREVER!  I have thought about posting several times, but you know how you think about it and then something distracts you and then by the time you remember it, you feel like the moment has passed.  Well, that’s basically what has happened to me a lot.  So instead of making a really long postI knowtoo late, I will break it up into a few posts.  These will not be in any certain order simply because I just want to do this one first.  Here goes:
Tonight I began project #1 in a series of several projects that I’d like to complete before returning to school in a month. 
Tonight’s project:  Cutting tennis balls for my student chairs.  I was so excited that I scored as many as I will possible need from a local country club!  So much better than asking begging parents.  I feel like we already ask for a lot of supplies so it just seemed silly to ask for something else.  Any whoI assembled all my materials and I was ready to go!  
My dog, Apollo, had very different plans for that huge bag of tennis balls!  I would cut one and toss it in a crate.  Apollo would try to catch the ball as it was tossed into the crate.  He got a couple as they bounced out.  I even gave him a few to get him out of my hair! 

Here are a couple more shots of him guarding the tennis balls from Wiggles (one of our cats) who was also trying to get a piece of the action!
 Pup patrol

 After getting scolded for fussing at Wiggles and stealing the balls

Needless to say I didn’t get very much done tonight.  I guess there’s always tomorrow.  I have a whole monthright?!?!?

 Still a lot of tennis balls left...ugh!

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