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Monday, March 12, 2012

Today I Am Thankful For...

1.       A great day of learning how to use my Promethean Board & software on Saturday.  It may have been on my dime, but so totally worth it to learn some helpful tips and tricks.  I’ve been using Promethean for 7 months now and it’s killing me that I still feel like a beginner!
2.      The company at the workshop this weekend!  It was great to relax and laugh, laugh, laugh! 
3.      Making good decisions.  Tonight I got some Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ for SuperDave and me to share.  As much as I REALLY wanted the mac and cheese, I got a double order of the mixed vegetables instead. 
4.      Just the right devotion.  I read Proverbs 31 ministries every morning.  Lately, they have almost been tailor made for my circumstances. 
5.      These guys

I do warm fuzzies with my kiddos to reinforce the character values that we are focusing on.  I have my “fuzzies”  (multi-colored pom poms), stored in a plain ‘ole container.  I wanted to jazz it up so I looked online and found these cuties!  They make me smile!


  1. I enjoyed the company as well! Thanks for the invite!

  2. I am your newest follower. I would love to have you stop by my blog and join my giveaway.