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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Umm...Are you sure that's my dog?!?!?

Today I took our dog, Sally, to the groomer.  I promise I thought they would call animal services on me & have all my animals removed from my home.  She was a wreck.  She lives outside with her 3 “children” & they all like to dig and roll and play all day long!  Now, Sally’s “children” did not inherit her long border collie coat so they can do that fairly easily.  Sally, on the other hand, cannot!  She had fur mats all over her!  When I dropped her off I basically said, “Just shave her as short as you need to in order to get all the fur mats off of her.”  Here are a couple of pictures of her before (they are kind of old, but you get the idea of what she looked like when I took her in).  
 Here she is when she first adopted us

 A couple from winter 2010

Here is what she looked like when I picked her up!  

She responds when I call her name...

She has the same amber colored eyes and sweet face....

She must be my Sally!  I will have to say that I wasn’t sure that they’d given me the right dog!  She looks soooo very different.  Her kiddos didn’t even recognize her until they sniffed her!  I think she looks absolutely adorable now that I've gotten used to her.  

After wandering aimlessly for awhile and then a good dinner that she didn't have to share, she is now snoozing soundly on Apollo's dog bed.  I think She will be spending a few days in the house so we can enjoy her!

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  1. She's adorable!! I just wanted to say thank you for your comment on my blog about our cat, Smokey. I really appreciate it!!