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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011! Hello 2012!

SoI don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions.  I feel like we have these super high aspirations that do nothing but set us up for failure.  That being said, I have decided that I will make one resolution for 2012.  Here goesin 2012, I resolve to be more positive.  I don’t know that people would view me as a particularly negative person, but there have been certain circumstances in my life lately that have made me a bit more jaded than I’d like to be. 
I feel the best way to make sure that this resolution becomes a reality is to have a plan.  My plan comes from a long lost friend that I had the pleasure of reconnecting with over my winter break this year.  My friend, Amos, has been writing down 5 things she is thankful for each day.  She said that it has been a struggle sometimes, but she has learned to become more appreciative and positive.  I also have another friend, He He, who did a 12 days of Christmas, where she posted things each day that she was thankful for.  Inspired by these wonderful friends, I have decided to do something similar every day for 2012.  I’m going to shoot for 3-5 things each day.  Tomorrow I will make my first post.  Stay tuned


  1. What a great idea Diana! I too have been feeling like I am so negative lately (don't know why!! :)) and am going to try writing down things I'm thankful for too. Happy New Year!

  2. I just know that the gratitude journal will be great for you!! Also, I'm trying something else...30 days of "something" to either create a habit or to try something new. One idea is to take a picture everyday for 30 days just to reflect on the month. Or like 30 days of meditation. I'm looking for new ideas!! I'm really excited about it!!!

  3. Amy, your 30 days of "something" is a great idea!! I love the picture a day.
    Thanks so much for the idea of the gratitude journal! :)