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Sunday, January 1, 2012

365 Days of Gratitude Day One

So, as I posted yesterday, I would begin my gratitude journal today.  Here goes:

1.  The time that I have had off of work.  I have had 16 days off, which is WAY more than most people
2. The girls in my 8th grade girls Bible study.  They are such a blessing to me! 
3. Lessons are planned for the week.  These were done yesterday actually, but I am thankful for it today-YAY!
4. My gym bag is packed and in the car, complete with my new heart rate monitor.  I will be taking Cycle & Core tomorrow at 6 PM
5. My outfit is ready to go for tomorrow.  This is a biggie for me, as I usually throw on whatever doesn’t need to be ironed.
6. SuperDave is feeling better!  He also has the day off of work tomorrow so he will be grocery shopping and finishing up all the stuff we didn’t get to today.  He is so good to me! 


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