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Sunday, December 26, 2010

A White Christmas....Almost!

We almost had a white Christmas here in Monroe, NC this year.  It started snowing late Christmas night so we had a snowy day after Christmas.  

Being from the north, I guess I never appreciated just how beautiful everything is when it has snowed.  I guess that's because it snows so infrequently here and when it does it doesn't hang around for very long...thank goodness!

I don't completely hate the snow.  I think it's fun to watch it from the warmth of my house, while sitting on my couch drinking hot chocolate.  I will even go out in it now and then to play with the animals.  

It is really fun to watch the dogs play in the snow.  These guys don't even act like they are cold!  

Snow much fun!  The upside to getting snow during Christmas break, is no snow make up day!!!  
Now I wouldn't mind it if it would warm up so it can all melt!   :)

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