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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Days 15-16 of 365

I'm gonna cheat on this one too and use the same picture for both today and tomorrow...don't judge me!
So for Day 15 the task was the view from my classroom window.  Not really much to look at to be honest.  We have another school right behind ours and our school is shaped so that if I look straight out the window, all I see is more school building.  Anyway...I'm also using this picture for Day 16: weather.
I kind of like how the fog looks like a blanket.  Today was one of those days when the temperature dropped throughout the day (I hate when that happens) and of course this is what happens when cold and warm air masses collide.  
Well that's it for today and possibly tomorrow unless the weather does something just over-the-top spectacular.  I do believe I heard snow showers in the forecast coming soon.  I'll believe it when I see it...although I really don't want to see it.


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