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Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7 of 365

Today's assignment was a memento from your classroom.  Well, of course I couldn't just choose one, so I made a collage of several...'cuz I'm sneaky like that!  :P

 Starting with the left side, the picture of the animals on the shelf have been given to me by my parents, mostly.  They are single-handedly filling my classroom with stuffed animals for my students to read with for "Chairs and Bears Friday". 
The #1 teacher apple was given to me by my husband, I think even before he was my husband and before I was even officially a teacher.  Thanks sweetie for believing in me and supporting me! 
The little collection of things on my desk lamp base are from students.  The finger eyes just make me smile.  Of course I have an owl obsession.  And the shoes are from a student who went to Holland over winter break.
The cutie snowman is from a good friend.  She and I have had several conversations about how NC doesn't have near the cute, crafty stores that we are used to up north.  She bought this for me when she was up north over winter break.  So cute!
The shiny apple paperweight is from my parents too.  :)
The pink crab is from a good friend.  She bought it for me when we were vacationing together I was crashing her family vacation in Myrtle Beach a couple of years ago.
The pig is actually something  I bought myself.  It reminds me of a good friend that I taught a couple of years ago.  She has the larger version, which I fell instantly in love with!  I proceeded to steal him and a day of fun middle school teachers do what we can to add to the chaos.
The flower bear was given to me by a friend just before I moved from IN to NC.  I miss her and this is a reminder to me of fun days teaching and coaching together.
Finally, the crazy mustache glasses.  I have recently developed an obsession with mustaches.  I don't like them on my hubs, but the cute, whimsical ones make me smile.  I instituted "Mustache Mondays" this year and a friend and her son decided to help me out. 
So that's it for today, anyone have any special mementos they'd like to share?

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  1. Love the blog. Your momentos are full of amazing memories.