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Friday, October 29, 2010

They call him "Chestnut"

Why Chestnut, you ask?  Well, long story, short, our dog, Mack, swallowed a chestnut!!!  Seriously, do these things only happen to us???
We noticed that Mack wasn't acting like his usual self.  SuperDave noticed that he had thrown up and was acting like he didn't feel well.  After almost a week of throwing up and not eating we decided to take him to the vet.
We took him to Brown Creek Animal Hospital in Polkton.
We are now singing their praises!!!  After a couple of tests and exploratory surgery, Mack is feeling like his old self again.  The folks at Brown Creek couldn't stop bragging on how sweet and well behaved "Chestnut" is.  When SuperDave went to pick him up he asked for Mack and they were so used to calling him Chestnut, they didn't even know who he was talking about at first.

Lots and lots of staples!!!  Poor baby!

The culprit!

Almost back to his old self.  Such a good patient!

We have looked and looked and don't honestly know where he got the chestnut from...must have been one of those evil chipmunks!

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